Automatic Foaming Line

Polyurethane Automatic Foaming Production Line
Accept Customized according to detailed requirements.



A full set of customized automatic polyurethane foaming production line can achieve continuous, multi-station, fully automated production, mainly used in car seat cushion, motorcycle seat cushion, fitness equipment, foot mat and other polyurethane foaming production.

Product Characteristics

1. High degree of automation: the production line needs two people to complete, high output, fast speed. The production line is mainly equipped with: upper industrial computer, scanning code reading system, automatic mold frame, robot, variable ratio foaming machine, premix station, vacuum bursting machine, etc. Each device is connected by the system, with automatic correction, alarm and other functions;

2. Intelligent station identification: the rotary disk production line uses encoder and frequency converter to control the rotating disk speed for closed-loop control to achieve constant speed operation, which provides accurate position guarantee for the robot to work non-stop. Meanwhile, the upper industrial computer recognizes the mold frame through the code scanner and the code reader, and transmits the data to the robot and the foaming machine, so as to realize the selection of product path and station filling quantity;

3. intelligent perfusion: variable proportion foaming machine with proportion, station, flow, injection volume, product quantity and other functions, the system adopts Z new software algorithm through the German Klarcht high precision flow meter for closed loop control of the injection, to achieve the total amount of injection correction;

4. Automatic compensation of raw materials: the premix station is used with the foaming machine. When the material level of the foaming machine is small, the premix station will automatically replenish the material, so as to ensure the foaming machine to work continuously for 24 hours and improve the working efficiency.