Car Seat Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine

Car Seat Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine
Flow Rate: 300g/s-6800g/s



Polyurethane Foaming machine characteristics:

1, electrical control: Ecorin cold storage board polyurethane high pressure foaming machine uses Siemens PLC, Schneider accessories based electrical control system. Full modular integrated control of all processes, simple operation, intelligent stability.

2. Fault self-inspection early warning system: The system can give early warning in advance, so that relevant parameters can be adjusted in time to avoid the appearance of defective products.

3, mixing device: self-cleaning/anti-reverse/anti-splash point/linear (2 times mixing function) foam gun, beautiful structure, operator, polyurethane special pump, accurate injection, good mixing effect.

Conditions of use

         Component             ViscosityFoaming temperature ℃          Mixing Ratio
A (Polyether polyols)             <2500              25±3
B (Isocyanate)           800~2500              25±3           1:1.5-1.5:1

Polyurethane Foaming Machine Parameters

   Item Model
  PH-(R/F)-40  PH-(R/F)-150  PH-(R/F)-220 PH-(R/F)-300  PH-(R/F)-400
Injection volume(g/s)    300-600(g/s)   1000-2300(g/s)    1500-3400(g/s)    2000-4800(g/s)    2500-6800(g/s)
Mixing head type       ZT-20M
        ZT-50M         ZT-80M        ZT-160M       ZT-250M
Rated Power (KW)             22
              80            98
Metering pump type        QD-25i        QD-63i          QD-80i        QD-160i       QD-250i
Air source                                                                             0.6mpa (Nitrogen optimum)
Injection time precision                          0.1s-99.99s
A:B Injection ratio                            1:1.5-1.5:1
Feedstock injection pressure                          8-15mpaInjection repetition precision                               ≤1%
Temperature control precision                            ±2%Working pressure of hydraulic station                           12-20mpa

Use of Polyurethane Foaming Machine

In insulation filled polyurethane products foaming, such as: floor heating board, aircraft table board, integrated wall board, cold storage board, insulation board, insulation box, insulation water tank, hot water machine, kitchen board, steamed rice cabinet and other industries.