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Ecorin Polyurethane Machinery Co.,LTD

the wholly owned Subsidiary of CSP Holding Group, is a scientific and technological professional company engaged in the design and manufacture of polyurethane equipment. After development, it has become the backbone enterprise of polyurethane equipment machinery in China. Since 1984, it has established good cooperative relations with many foreign manufacturers of polyurethane equipment, absorbing the advantages of foreign high-pressure foaming machines such as Italy Kanglong. Focusing on automatic research and development and transformation for 20 years, we have created a complete set of customized polyurethane foam systems which are suitable for modern environmental protection production process, such as polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine, cyclopentane high-pressure foaming machine, polyurethane low-pressure pouring machine, elastomer pouring machine, various intelligent foaming production lines (gantry/rail/disk line), automatic foaming mold mold frame, robot arm, steel pipe derusting machine, 3pe production line, tractor, extruder, rectifying machine, mold, one-step foam jacket production line, PE black and yellow jacket tube production line, epoxy powder spraying equipment, 2pe 3pe production line, polyurethane insulation pipe supporting special production line and other anti-corrosion insulation equipment.etc. 

And free to provide polyurethane foam automation overall program and excellent pre-sale and after-sales technical service.

The equipment of the company is famous for its advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing process, high reliability and high repetition precision, which is well received by users in various industries. We always take excellence as our goal and make continuous progress. We integrate technology, service and even creativity into a whole, bring together management, and strive to create more excellent products.



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