Small Hydraulic Perfusion Machine

Small Hydraulic Perfusion Machine
Flow Rate: 10kg/min-20kg/min



Small Hydraulic Perfusion Machine

is a hydraulic driven high pressure foaming system after the launch of pneumatic high pressure foaming machine. The system adopts SBP technology to ensure the stability of the liquid flow pressure of the raw material, so that the two-component raw material is mixed more evenly. 

The compact, simple and optimized structure of the injection gun reduces the vulnerable parts, and the strong power solves the problem of the blocking gun of the small foaming equipment. Humanized operating platform, so that the machine operation more simple, can be easily mastered.

Scope of Application

Solar water heater, electric water heater, insulation pipe joints and other hard foam sandwich filling.

Technical Parameter

1. Working flow: 1-20kg /min

2. Working pressure: 5-15MPa

3. Power consumption: about 10KW

4. Raw material ratio: 1:1.2 (adjustable)

5. Gun head cleaning method: Free cleaning

6. Control mode: PLC+ touch screen

7. Injection capacity: 20Kg/min (1:1).

8. Casting repetition accuracy: s +2%.

9. Injection time: 0.02- -99.99S (accurate to 0.02S).

10. Hydraulic power: 10-20mpa.

11. Main power supply: 380V 50Hz


Inlet DiameterOutlet DiameterRotational speed/min 
MAX Flow/min
Watt      size     Weight
   BH(Y)-10      1/2          1/4          1400   10kg/Min4.4kw1250*850*1500     120kg
   BH(Y)-20      1/2          1/4          1400    20kg/Min6kw1250*850*1750     150kg

Use of Small Hydraulic Perfusion Machine