PU 2/4 Multi Component Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine

PU 2/4 Multi Component Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine
Flow Rate: 15g/s-11000g/s



PU 2/4 Multi Component Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine

can achieve a mixed head deep injection of products with different colors (density), instant conversion of products with different colors, and produces multi-density products for choice. Silence Car Cushion, Memory headrest, motorcycle seat cushion, bicycle saddle, office loose seat, car armrest, child safety seat and other areas. The production process of a variety of different formulations is integrated into one machine through equipment configuration and program setting.

For example, the setting condition of the three-component polyurethane high pressure foaming machine is B+A1 or A2. When the process requirement is B+ A2, the system will automatically convert to the set requirement B+ A2 for perfusion. The setting condition of multi-component is B1+ A1-- B2+A2- - B3+ A3 more than 6 components 3 kinds of formula.

Product characteristics

1. Electrical control: Siemens PLC, Schneider accessories based electrical control system. Full modular integrated control of all processes, simple operation, intelligent stability.

2. Fault self-inspection early warning system: The system can give early warning in advance, so that relevant parameters can be adjusted in time to avoid the appearance of defective products.

3. Mixing device: self-cleaning/anti-reverse/anti-splash point/linear (2 times mixing function) foam gun, beautiful structure, operator, polyurethane pump, accurate injection, good mixing effect

Conditions of use

         Component             ViscosityFoaming temperature ℃          Mixing Ratio
A (Polyether polyols)             <2500              25±3
B (Isocyanate)           800~2500              25±3           1:1.5-1.5:1

Polyurethane Foaming Machine Parameters


    Mixing ratio(1:1) (g/s)

    Mixing ratio(2:1) (g/s)
PH(R/F)-10      15     100





PH(R/F)-20      30     300
PH(R/F)-40      50     560
PH(R/F)-40/20      40     400
PH(R/F)-100     150    1530




PH(R/F)-150     300    2650
PH(R/F)-300     600    5600





PH(R/F)-600    1200   11000

Use of Polyurethane Foaming Machine