Straight Type Box Foam line

Straight Type Box Foam line, Polyurethane Foaming Production Line




Main Application:

Polyurethane foam for refrigerator or freezer box


The foaming line consists of preheating oven, power drum line, 90° steering machine into the box (including box identification), two-way delivery system (automatic khan nitrogen charging device) foaming furniture, automatic charging system, leveling machine out of the top of the Xiang, outer film water heating system and supporting starting system, electric control system and other parts.

The foaming line adopts linear layout, and the external mold adopts circulating water heating system of mold temperature machine.

The fixture has the function of automatic bubble plugging and automatic pumping. The mold change adopts cylinder or artificial drive connecting rod mechanism. It has the function of manual control and electrical control double self-locking.

Suitable for different length, width and height of the box production.

The production line has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, less environmental pollution, small labor intensity, small footprint, strong function, high production efficiency, flexible production of many varieties and so on.