Disk line + mechanical arm + high pressure foaming machine customization

Disk line + mechanical arm + high pressure foaming machine customization
Flow Rate: 80g/s-2300g/s



As a new foaming agent of rigid polyurethane foam, disk line + mechanical arm + high pressure foaming machine has been widely used in the production of fluorine-free refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, pipeline insulation and other fields, in place of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS) which have a damaging effect on the atmospheric ozone layer. Fluorine-free foaming and cyclopentane safety testing, warning and treatment systems have made the use of cyclopentane foaming machines safer and more reliable. CFCr and HCFCs products will soon be banned as the deadline for banning ODS under the Montreal Convention is approaching, and cyclopentane will become the leading role in the field of polyurethane foaming agents. Therefore, cyclopentane foaming machine is widely used to meet the market demand and comply with the trend of environmental protection.

It has Siemens PLC+ double frequency conversion multifunctional safety device, 38 intelligent self-check protection points, independent anti-static room, automatic identification system of alkane gas concentration level, automatic 2-3 level air extraction system, Siemens explosion-proof motor, independent ground guide device, static electricity export device of the gun head lead, 2 groups of external independent comparison constant temperature, 12~ 100 kinds of irrigation timing quantitative control, fire temperature locking, fault self-check alarm, the system uses self-cleaning/check/anti-splash/new V-shaped foam gun (to achieve 3 times of mixing function), beautiful structure, easy to operate. According to the actual situation of customers, it can also be used with one machine and two guns, and the two guns can be switched automatically, frequency conversion and energy saving, and the system can be applied freely. It is specially designed for customers to improve the foaming system.

Automatic balance, automatic adjustment of the amount of material, intelligent compensation.

Machine Parameters

   Item Model
                  EPM-06    EPM-12      EPM-28      EPM-55
Injection volume(g/s)                 80-160(g/s)   150-550(g/s)  350-1300(g/s)    1000-2300(g/s)
Mixing head type                  HL-0710
        HL-1014         HL-1218       HL-1625
Rated Power (KW)                   18kw
Metering pump type               VCG2FCP2        VCG2FCP2          VCG5FCP2  VCG5FCP2       
Air source                                                                             0.6mpa (Nitrogen optimum)
Host-driven modeExplosion-proof electric unit + magnetic connection + polyurethane special pump (double frequency conversion combination)Material transfer modePneumatic diaphragm feeding system
Injection time precision                          0.1s-99.99s
A:B Injection ratio                     1:3-3:1
Feedstock injection pressure                          8-15mpaInjection repetition precision                   ≤1%
Temperature control precision                            ±2%Working pressure of hydraulic station             12-20mpa

Use of Polyurethane Foaming Machine

In insulation filled polyurethane products foaming, such as: floor heating board, aircraft table board, integrated wall board, cold storage board, insulation board, insulation box, insulation water tank, hot water machine, kitchen board, steamed rice cabinet and other industries.