High Flow 600-800 High Pressure PU Foaming Machine

High Flow 600-800 High Pressure PU Foaming Machine



High Flow 600-800 High Pressure Polyurethane Foaming Machine, mainly meet the large diameter insulation pipe foaming, large insulation board foaming requirements. 

The point is that the flow is large, the production capacity is strong, the production process does not need to use cleaning abluent, after its strict test, its performance is stable, the technical parameters reach the design standard technology.

Structural Characteristics

1. PLC control, polyurethane pump

2. large injection volume, high precision

3. KK valve, high and low pressure conversion, South Korean gun head

4. Double stirring, up and down 4.5 meters, 4.5 meters horizontal movement, 600kg tank/piece, 99 time control position, automatic feeding system, suitable for continuous pouring.

5. the equipment flow is large, 600Kg/min, accuracy 0.1 seconds

6. four self-cleaning filter, automatic feeding system

7. hydraulic control, mixing head free cleaning range: large sponge, large plate, more than 1 meter insulation pipe

8. the control system has a strong fault alarm function, the fault information of each detection point is displayed on the operator, and the sound and light alarm, the equipment will stop automatically. After the fault is rectified, press the fault elimination button to restart the device